Build Good Credit and Quickly Raise Credit Score

Build Good Credit

If you want to build a good credit score, you got to pay on time. That’s 35% of what your credit history is all about, paying on time, good on-time payment history? However, if you’ve got some negatives on there, you’ve got some collections, some charge-offs, some delinquencies, some judgments, some foreclosures, some whatever, we can help you out. Or you can go to 609 credit repair site and get the books yourself get letters and set them up and get that negative stuff off. Once you get that negative stuff off, then, then your credit score will go up and then you can start building your credit again.

So now you’ve got the negative stuff off, and a lot of people want to build the good credit score. But what else can you do? Authorize users, alright? You got a buddy who’s got good credit, I got a buddy in here who’s got good credit, and I wonder if he would put me on as an authorized user. He probably doesn’t need to because you know. We all got good credit around here because we’ve been working on it for a long time. However, if you’ve got a friend who’s got good credit and they’ll put you as an authorized user tell them you don’t need a card, I don’t want a card. I don’t even need to charge anything up, I just want the gift of good credits.

That’s all you need, authorized the user, or also known as a trade line. You can purchase those and you know what, my company doesn’t do that just yet but I’ll provide a link below for a gentleman that I personally know and have talked to in line and have vetted who has trade lines and you can purchase them, they will post to your account, and you’ll be able to boost your credit score. You can build a good credit score, getting negative stuff off, getting authorized users, getting trade lines, boosting up your score.

Now, what else can you do?

You can be cautious about those inquiries. Inquiries can drop you 5 or 10 points if you have a good score. If you have a bad score and you get an inquiry, it can be 10, 15, 20 points. So you don’t even know until you go and run it. So be cautious when you’re running off to a dealership to get inquiries or applying for new credit alright. Of course, you’ve got the secure cards and the self-loan builders and all that good stuff. That is in another video that I have on what do I do during the credit repair process and tips of that nature. So I won’t go over it too much here, as a lot of you guys watch a lot of these videos, and I really appreciate you guys.

All of you subscribers, all the people that have given a thumbs-up, likes, comments, it helps me keep doing the things that I do. Make sure you keep a good credit history alright. So the longer you’re card has been open, this card, or loan, or mortgage, or whatever has been open the better your score. The people with the highest FICO’s tend to be about 15, 20 years okay. I’m still working, I’m pretty young, and so I’m still working on getting way up there with my credit history, but keep those old good accounts open. I get questions all the time, “Hey man, I want to dispute and remove “this old closed account.” No. Just because it’s closed doesn’t mean it’s negative and that will bring your score down if you were to remove an old closed account with good history.

Alright, so some of you guys out there are paying down your loans. That’s great. Getting your credit utilization down is great. Just because you got a credit card with 1000 bucks doesn’t mean you can charge 1000 bucks. You want to keep it fewer than 10%. 10%, a lot of people out there think 30%. 10% man, 10%. That’s going to look much favorable, much better to a lender and you’re going to do a lot better on a credit score Alright.


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