Credit Card Updater Service for Black Baud Merchant and Services Review

Credit Card

Credit Card Updater helps minimize disruptions in monthly giving by automatically updating lost, stolen, or re-issued credit card data. The service analyzes data for recurring gifts and pledges to identify expired or out-of-date credit cards and provides new card numbers and expiration dates when available from participating banks.

Only organizations that process credit card payments using Black baud Merchant Services can subscribe to this service. After you subscribe to Credit Card Updater from Black baud Merchant Services, you must enable it. To enable Credit Card Updater, from the Black baud Payment Service Merchant Accounts page in Revenue, click Enable/Disable Credit Card Updater Service under Tasks.

Select the option to enable the service. Once the service is enabled, the “Credit Card Updater” business process is automatically created and scheduled to run nightly. Updates occur once per month in a 10-day window. When updates occur, an email notification is sent to assigned users. To view details about processes as they run, from the Business Processes page in Administration, click the History tab.

In the Process type field, filter by “Credit Card Updater Business Process”. When the service makes updates to credit cards associated with pledges and recurring gifts, the Credit Card Updated field appears on the associated records and displays the date the information was updated. For recurring gifts, this information appears in the Transaction summary section. For pledges, it appears on the Details tab. You can use the “Credit Card Updates” query to help you track changes made by the Service.

Use fields such as Date processed, Status, and new expiration date as well as various constituent and revenue fields to review the updates. You should now be familiar with the Credit Card Updater Service and ready to start using your subscription.

Credit Repair Reviews

I actually used this site over the past year because I had about 25 negative items on my credit reports and they managed to remove or update 11 of the 25 negative items on my credit report, which obviously improved my credit report and credit score a great deal. I read a lot about them online beforehand. I decided to give them a shot because didn’t have anything to lose and I need to have my credit improved. So it was seriously wonderful, they helped me in so many ways.

3 Positive things

  1. One is that they are very efficient and quick and they talk to you thoroughly and make me feel very informed and for me, that was very important.
  2. Secondly, the pricing it’s affordable. I was able to do it and it wasn’t out of my budget and
  3. Finally, I would say that they’re very straightforward. so there’s really no fluff, I wasn’t told the thing that I couldn’t expect to happen and I wasn’t over expecting because they were straightforward with me. So I would say it was definitely well worth it!

My results speak for themselves, the only drawback is that they can’t add positive line items if they could add positive credit that would be even better but for now. I’m just very happy that my negative items were removed and updated.


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