How to Check CIBIL Score Status Online For Free

Check Cibil Score

To check your CIBIL score free, and read the report online, start the online registration on CIBIL by adding your PAN number. Next, provide your email ID, Date of Birth, and gender. Select your income type and add monthly income in figures.

Tick the checkbox to accept the terms & conditions, and click submit button. CIBIL offers a subscription service that lets you monitor your CIBIL score frequently. The subscription is a paid service and will give you a complete idea about financial position and credit history. In most cases, the free CIBIL score option is enough. To get your CIBIL score free, click on “No thanks” link at the bottom. The page will get re-directed to the CIBIL authentication page.

Financial Profile

CIBIL will ask a few questions about your financial profile based on the PAN details, mobile number, etc. CIBIL will ask a few questions about your financial profile based on the PAN details, mobile number, etc. Provide the details of your loans, credit card, etc for the correct evaluation of CIBIL score. I had shared my details with CIBIL long time ago. Now, check your email for CIBIL login ID and password. Now, open my CIBIL URL on your web browser.

Use your CIBIL email ID and password that you got during registration to login. To the next section, verify the details, CIBIL shows on their portal It is lenders who provide the address and other stuff you see on this page to CIBIL, Sometimes you will see errors in the address, phone number or the location in file with CIBIL, Do the changes as you wish and click the submit button, Now the site is getting re-directed to the CIBIL score page,

See the slider at the top, it is moving to your current CIBIL score range, The slider will point to your latest CIBIL score, The score is between 0-900, As you can my CIBIL score is 823, Some information about your CIBIL credit report is available under “View Report” tab,

You have to buy a CIBIL subscription to see an advanced version of this report and changes to your CIBIL score. The CIBIL subscription also allows you to raise a dispute in case of any objection in the score.


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