How to Pay When Not Having American Credit/Debit Card and Paying an Online Invoice from PayPal

Paying Online Invoice

Today I will tell you how can pay something that requires a credit card without an actual credit card. So, here we’ve got a Visa prepaid gift card. This is a card which you can’t top up and this is a gift card you can directly use. You don’t have to have an account; you don’t have to have an actual credit card Etc.

I bought this for 50 Euros (excl card cost) and the value of this card is 50 Euros as you can see in the top right corner as is the value of the product we are going to buy online. However, I did pay 4.95 for obtaining the card (54.95 totals). So here we’ve got the front side of the card. As you can see, the value of the card is shown on the right top corner of the card. It’s 50 Euros. You can see the credit card number, the expiration date and the logo saying it’s a prepaid card and here we’ve got the back side of the card and in the center, a bit to the right we can see three numbers. This is the security code.

Other than that, you don’t really need anything else. Please notice that this specific card can’t be topped up. You can’t reuse it, so after using it, you can throw it away. I think you can use it multiple times until you’ve got no credit left. There are lots of different prepaid cards out there. There are some that you can top-up and there are some that you can throw away, just like this one. Please read the information on the card carefully because you don’t want to end up having spent lots of money and not being able to use it for what you wanted.

How to pay an online invoice from PayPal with a Credit / Debit card

You’ll be receiving your invoice through email. When you receive the email, it’ll say you have received an invoice from Affordable Moonwalk Rentals Inc. This is our parent company. Click here, and on this screen, you’ll see the total amount due and the date that it is due.

To view and pay your invoice, click here. This screen is going to show you your invoice details. It’ll show you the description of the items that you purchased the quantity and the price. Check everything and make sure it’s correct before making your payment. If there are any discrepancies, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to make any corrections needed.

If everything is correct, click pay now. This screen is going to give you the option to log in to your PayPal account. The reason that you would log into your PayPal account is if you would like to use that account to make your payment. If you would prefer to pay with a debit or credit card, just go right down here and click. This screen will allow you to put in your debit card information, credit card information, or PayPal credit special offer.

Enter all of your information here and then click review and continue, and this is where you’ll submit your payment.


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