How To Refund and Resell Prepaid Credit Cards?

Refund Credit Cards

You have probably noticed that nowadays it’s really common to give a prepaid credit cards or gift cards as a present. There are some kinds of cards that you can refund. Some of them, once you use it, the balance is zero, you can’t use it anymore but there is some kind of card that is called prepaid credit cards that you can use it every time and you just refund it. Usually, you will need to contact the bank that issued this card and see how you can refund it.

Probably you can go to the closest location and give some cash and they will reload your card. These prepaid credit cards are really good nowadays especially if you want to buy on line because it’s going to be protecting your money too. You just charge the card with the amount that you want to spend on whatever item you are buying on line and they will charge that amount and then you don’t have to reload it until you are going to do the next buying. It’s also good if you want to have tracking of your expenses.

Sometimes we use credit cards and the ones that have a really high limit and we use and we use it because we don’t feel that we are paying for that until the end of the month. So that’s also a good way to control our expenses. If we are under budget and we know that we are going to be spending a particular amount of money for a certain thing, you can just upload that credit card with the amount that you want to spend. For example, groceries or gas and just use that amount of money for the period that you have assigned; one week, two weeks, one month.

How to Resell Prepaid Credit Cards?

Sometimes we, as a gift, we can receive a prepaid credit card or a gift card and sometimes it’s not that we are going to spend that money in that particular store or that you prefer to have cash instead of having that money into a credit card. If you for sure know that you are not going to be using or there is no way that you can use the plastic credit card that you have and you want to sell it, then probably the best thing that you can do is look around from the people you know, your friends, your family and of course, avoid the person who gave you the card and ask if they are going to be willing to buy the card from you. It’s going to be good if you can have an updated receipt of the balance that you’re carrying of that account just to for them to make sure that you are offering the correct amount and see if anybody is willing to buy it. If you are at work, probably you can send an email or put a message on the board that says that you have a prepaid card that you want to sell.

Sometimes they will probably offer you less of the amount that you have, just to pay the cost of having the cash in hand and if this thing doesn’t work, sometimes online there are certain sites where you can probably post it and see if anybody will be able to offer the amount of money for the your prepaid card. Usually through the web site online, you are probably going to be offered less of the amount that you have on the card and it’s basically the price that you need to pay in order to get the cash.


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