Mobile Credit Card Processing Solution and Processing A Credit Sale Transaction

Credit Sale Transaction

You may be a small business now, but that won’t always be the case. You’re growing and you need to be able to accept payments on-the-go and in real time and now, you can! With Chase Mobile Checkout, you can take payments directly from your Smartphone wherever business is growing. All you need is the Chase Mobile Checkout app, our card reader, an account with Chase Paymentech, and you can start taking your customers’ cards wherever your business takes you.

This means on-the-go or even at your store. Retail storefronts can also benefit from Chase Mobile Checkout by shortening lines and customer wait time. So, what exactly does this mean for your day-to-day operations? Now, you can send receipts directly to your customers via email or text; create an image-based catalog that allows you to select the right product or service every time, and manage your account activity directly from your Smartphone.

This includes searching for specific transactions, creating reports, viewing your daily sales totals and keeping up with your merchant account. So what does this mean for your customers?. Your customers will appreciate being able to pay on location and each transaction is processed securely. This means that swipe is ever stored, so their personal information remains with them not on your Smartphone. With Chase Mobile Checkout, you have everything you need to keep your business growing, convenient for you, safe for them and easy for everyone.

Future Proof Terminal: How to Process a Credit Sale Transaction?

The way your customers pay is changing. It’s job to make sure you’re ready. Now that you’ve received your new Future Proof terminal, I’m going to show you how to process a transaction.

  1. First, press the zero key to initiate a sale transaction and select credit.
  2. Next, key in the amount of the sale and press the green enter key on the lower right-hand corner of your keypad. Now here’s where you’ll need a little help from your customer to complete the sale. Once you pass your customer the terminal, the payment method will need to be selected. Your customer can choose to pay with a swipe, chip or tap. To swipe, your customer will need to swipe the payment card down the magnetic stripe reader on the right side of the terminal. Like this. For an EMV chip card transaction, your customer will need to insert the payment card into the terminals chip-enabled slot, located here.
  3. And finally, if your customer would like to pay using a contactless card or payment device like a Smartphone, simply wave the card or the Smartphone directly over the terminal’s display screen. It should look something like this. If there is a problem completing the sale or the terminal does not read the payment device, either you or your customer can key-enter the card number directly into the terminal keypad.

Congratulations. You have just completed your first sale.


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